Thursday, 22 February 2018

The Parable of the King, the Wise, the Scissors and the Needle... and what it says about YOU!


When you analyse my "In Me I Trust" logo, you notice it contains 2 elements :

1) the graphical part based on the Sufi Parable of the king, the wise, the scissors and the needle - which I will clarify for you here; and

2) the statement “In Me I Trust”.

The Sufi Parable and what it says about you (and every other human being)

This blog post deals with the graphical part, in particular the Sufi Parable which formed its basis and what this means for you. 
The parable goes as follows – in a nutshell:
The king decides to render the revered wise a visit to offer him a gift: golden scissors inlayed with precious gems! Self-confident the king has the present handed over to the wise, who glances at it and then refuses it, to the astonishment of the king. 
Asked what he, who refuses such an offer, wants then… the wise simply answers: “A needle”. 

What’s this all about?
Would it surprise you if it - like every parable - concerns you just as much as every other single human being? How so? 

The “king” refers to our ego, the “lower self”, the ruler of our life, and its fantastic “scissors instrument” that is our mind.
The ego uses the mind-tool to cut our (experienced) Reality into pieces in order to – in its perception – control our life. A proud ruler, with a sharp tool, to maintain its grip: “divide and conquer”, or “cut up and rule”. Private versus professional, the me versus the not-me, those-i-know and those-i-do-not-know [all put into categories of “this type”, “that type”], that-which-i-know and that-which-i-do-not-know [and not particularly fond of the not-known items]… you get the picture.

The “wise” refers to our so-called “Higher Self”, and its “needle master”: our Heart (centre). 
Contrary to the ego king, the wise wizard sees that all these “me things” and “not-me things” are but illusions. The wise sees beyond the apparent Reality of these dualities, beyond this experience of a (human) form. The wise is aware there is Something Vast underlying all, a Oneness that connects everything, and that can only be experienced… the Oneness is beyond the tool of the king, our mind.

So what our ego and our mind has cut up in pieces, our internal wizard and our heart centre connects it all again in(to) Oneness. There are no “others” “out there”, they are reflections from and in Reality. Life is (y)our mirror, and a mirror never lies: the people in your life, the circumstances of it, they all reveal who and what you really are yourself.

Yes, this is mystical stuff… but if you understand mysticism, you can turn your Life into Sweet Mystery. 
Let’s go for Applied Spirituality.
You do this by seeing how your ego – as the collection of temporary thought patterns, views, conditioning, convictions and emotions that it is – operates, with a strong focus on the mind, the brain. Many humans spend the best hours of their days behind a computer, operating as a computer themselves: all software, hardly any hardware. But you see:

The body benefits from movement, and the mind from stillness.

Many humans nowadays do the exact opposite, through ego and mind. 
Go walk in Nature, go work out in between, do something that keeps your physical self in shape.
Train yourself to observe yourself, your convictions at work (especially perceptible when you are having issues with others, difficult relations & interactions), so you make conscious again the unconscious programmes directing you. 

Manu The Mirrorologist




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